MetaMask Setup

MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that is used as a method to purchase NFTs, in our case with a currency called Ethereum (ETH). In order to purchase our Buns, you will need to own a MetaMask wallet, and will need to have ETH in it to mint a bun from our website. The following tutorial will guide you to creating a wallet.


Install MetaMask on Chrome

Navigate to the MetaMask Extension page on Google Chrome, and install the extension into your browser. This setup will also apply to the MetaMask App on mobile. To purchase NFTs, a Web3.0 enabled browser is required, which is why browsers like Safari and Edge will not work.


Create your MetaMask Account

Select Get Started > Create a Wallet. The next screen will ask if you would like them to gather usage data on your account. You may select I Agree or No Thanks, both will lead you to the Create Password screen. Enter a password you will remember, and press Create.


Obtain your Secret Recovery Phrase

Instead of Two-Factor Authentication, MetaMask uses a series of 12 words to secure your wallet. These words can be saved to a file, and should be written down in the order that is shown to you on the screen. After clicking Next, you will be asked to select the words in the order that was previously shown. After this, your wallet is successfully created!"


Add funds to your wallet

Opening the MetaMask app/extension will bring you to a screen where you can view all your assets. From here, you can click the Buy button, and use Wyre to purchase ETH from your debit card, or link your bank directly with Transak. The services themselves will charge a flat fee, then there will also be an extra “gas” or network fee that depends on the price of ETH at the time."


Purchase a litter of Buns!

Once you see the ETH in your assets on the MetaMask app, you are all set to go! Head over to our minting page and select the quantity of Buns you would like to purchase, select Mint, and then follow the prompt on the MetaMask app/extension. Allow a few seconds for the transaction to occur, and you can now call yourself a proud Bun owner! While Buns are 0.03 ETH, there is also a gas fee associated with it, so it would be best to carry about 0.33 ETH in your wallet for a single bun."